Suction catheter

  • Closed Suction Catheter

    Closed Suction Catheter

    1.Closed suction system with PUSH BLOCK button to minimize the risk of cross-infection.

    2.WIth 360°swivel adapter provides optimal comfort and flexibility for both patient and nursing staff.

    3.Irrigation port equipped with one way valve allows for normal saline to clean catheter efficiently.

    4.MDI port for a more effective, quick and convenient drug delivery.

    5.It is indicated for 24-72 hours continuous use.

    6.Patient label with day of the week stickers.

    7.Sterile, individual Peel pouches.

    8.Soft but strong catheter sleeve.

  • Suction Catheter

    Suction Catheter

    1.For single use only, Prohibited to re-use.

    2.Sterilized by ethylene oxide do not use if the packing is damaged or open.

    3.Store under shady, cool, dry, ventilated and clean condition.